About the Journal

Kaffa; Jurnal Fakultas Keislaman is a scientific journal that publishes original works of lecturers, researchers, students, and other related parties that have never been published in the form of scientific articles on conceptual ideas, scientific papers on the results of studies or research and literature reviews within the scope of Sharia Economics and Sharia Business Law. The editor accepts the article that has never been published in other media with the writing format as stated on the scriptwriting guidelines page. This journal was founded in 2020, published fourth a year, namely in December, March, June and September which is spread online. The purpose of this journal is to publish scientific articles covering studies in the scope of Sharia Economics and Sharia Business Law, such as:

  1. Sharia Finance & Banking and Contemporary Issues
  2. Sharia Economics and Contemporary Issues    
  3. Sharia Management & Accounting  
  4. Business and Sharia Law
  5. Thought of Contemporary Islamic Law
  6. Sharia Constitutional & Family Law