We delighted to invite you to submit your manuscript for our latest issue. Literasi Nusantara publishes scientific study/ research papers, industrial problem solving related to education, arts, and technology as well as review papers. The journal presents paper dealing with the topic related to education, arts, and technology including:

  • Teaching and Learning Science, 
  • Social Sciences, Mathematics, 
  • Education for Citizenship, 
  • Educational Psychology
  • Indonesian Language, 
  • Cultural Arts and Crafts, 
  • Local Content in Primary Schools / Madrasas Ibtidaiyah, 
  • Thematic Learning in Primary Schools / Madrasah Ibtidaiyah, 
  • Character Education, 
  • Curriculum, 
  • Educational Evaluation, 
  • Pedagogic, 
  • Learning Innovation, 
  • Development Psychology, 
  • Inclusive Education, 
  • Management of Education, 
  • Guidance and Counseling, 
  • Educational Technology from various types of research such as Classroom Action Research, Research Survey, Research and Development, Descriptive Research , Experimental Research, Etc.
  • the practice of dance and learning
  • present theories of art
  • models
  • music
  • dance
  • drama
  • craft
  • or philosophical position, etc.
  • Innovative works on Learning System Design, the development, implementation, assessment, management, research papers, and case studies of educational technology, etc


Articles submitted to Jurnal Literasi Nusantara must be free from Plagiarism or Autoplagiarsm.
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